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Want to take advantage of digital marketing campaigns, search engine marketing, social media, email marketing and other digital platforms to generate more leads and customers? Well, you are not alone! The ability to drive the digital world and steer it to your advantage spells the difference between most of today’s successful businesses and the declining ones.

Sales are important for the growth of all businesses – at Marketa, we’ve developed a surefire digital marketing plan designed that’ll get you more leads, sales and ultimately, a competitive boost.

Discover Marketa’s powerful online marketing techniques to grow your business.

Strategic Planning

Our goal is to help your business attain sustainable long term growth. To achieve that, we develop a personalised digital marketing plan based on your business’ needs to obtain improved results and more customers.

Firstly, we utilize our wealth of experience to help you generate website traffic and win more prospects via search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, pay-per-click(PPC), email marketing as well as social media.

Implementation and Activation

Once done, we proceed to convert the traffic generated from a faceless website visitor into a real and identifiable lead via persuasive videos, email lead nurturing and the use of compelling downloadable content offers such as ebooks. Finally, we seek to gear the leads towards taking the desired action and close more sales. Our team works closely with your sales team, providing them with fresh tools and sufficient data to ensure each lead is closed.

Management and Optimisation

The plan will be executed by our professional digital marketing team on a monthly basis while also providing weekly check-ins to monitor your website marketing results across various channels and platforms, then fine-tune them for better leads and conversions. A comprehensive progress report would be provided on a monthly basis to detail the achievements based on your goals as well as including metrics like website traffic generated during the period, downloads, form submissions, leads created, sales closed and more.

Want to accelerate your business growth?

Let us know your vision and we’ll help you make the most of the digital marketing landscape to achieve your goals.

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