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A very tricky and challenging dance which several brand managers hardly gets the bandwidth is the integration of media strategy, planning, buying as well as negotiations effortlessly across all media sources. Primarily, this is a process that’s done to help businesses and brands connect with both customers and prospects as they pass through the four stages of the buyer’s journey. These stages include attract, convert, close and delight. Below are the major steps of the media buying and planning process:

  • Carry out a thorough market research to identify target audience.
  • Determine and understand the target audiences’ interests.
  • Locate your audiences when they are most receptive to your messages
  • Send creative power enough to spur them to take the desired action.
  • Perform a test and retest of your ad placements and creative to identify the most effective, then you can refine and improve.

Discover The Marketa Difference!

Digital Media Buying

At Marketa, we possess a vast media integration experience that encapsulates all ranges of budget sizes. Over the years, we’ve been able to garner insider knowledge of the most efficient place to source inventory for individual channels while also working closely with some of the best partners in the industry.

Digital Media Planning

With us, you’ll discover a great number of experienced media professionals who are not only capable of seeing the big picture but are also well versed when it comes to helping businesses with their digital media buying strategies. Our services include buying digital display media, social ads on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram as well as programmatic digital media.

Digital Media Monitoring

Being fully aware that you’ve invested extensive time, money, hope, sweat, sleepless night and strong determination into your media efforts, we work with your budget for media planning, buying and management and treat it as conscientiously as if it were our own. Our commitment to ensuring you get maximum value for every penny spent is simply unrivalled because when you succeed we do too! Marketa is very proud of each and every opportunity we get to help businesses grow.

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