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In the modern world where everything is digital, it has been made possible to gain consumer insight which is crucial to the success of any digital marketing efforts. The ability to obtain greater clarity through marketing research and insight and put the information to good use is often the difference between a thriving business and a declining one. At Marketa, our work is grounded in delivering effective market research while also being known for providing good clarity for strategic corporate and agency marketing efforts. With the help of our agency partners, our insights corroborate consumer-driven products/services, effective targeting as well as segmentation and solid customer engagement. As a progressive-minded business, you can hone brand marketing strategies, understand and connect with customers and provide an impeccable customer experience.

Marketa’s Insights, Google Analytics, Performance Measurement & Campaign Optimization

Google Analytics

The top professionals at Marketa are well trained in the use of Google Analytics on all of our clients’ sites so as to help deliver relevant insights into their digital marketing efforts. We can also help to properly set up a new or existing Google Analytics account, provide a health check for your existing Google Analytics account as well as reliable consulting services to interpret your existing data, recommend solutions to aggregate data across several websites, develop customizable reports and more.

Performance Management

Marketa helps you measure the effectiveness of your paid campaigns as well as SEO projects. Using our experience and software systems we’re able to assist you to determine growth in traffic compared to the campaign elements, the engagement or interest level of the prospects when they visited as well as the ROI determined in conversions which can be sales, enquiries or other defined goals.

Campaign and Conversion Rate Optimisation

Do you want to maximize the ROI of your marketing budget? Marketa excels in optimizing conversions! Being a vital part of our funnel analysis, our campaign optimization solutions always seek to identify the best fit between the applied optimization techniques and available client resources in order to ensure that our conversion design are achieved with the client’s existing execution and amp (budget capabilities). Our approach to optimization will be totally transparent as we always provide comparison data between alternate versions and clear KPI’s of the better performing option for each and every proposed change.

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