Conversion rate optimisation

How actionable insights can trigger innovation and growth in your business

Our modern world is digital. This gives every business the power to get real-time consumer insights that will help their digital marketing hit the bullseye every time. Being able to use marketing research and insights and put the information to good use is the difference between a thriving business and a declining one.

At Marketa, our work is grounded in effective market research. This helps your business make better informed decisions when setting and implementing your strategic marketing plans. Working with our agency partners, our insights corroborate consumer-driven products and services and provide more effective targeting and segmentation, which lifts customer engagement.

We’re a progressively-minded business that works alongside you to hone your brand marketing strategies so you can provide an impeccable customer experience.

How Marketa boosts your conversion rates with insights, Google Analytics, performance measurement & campaign optimisation

Google Analytics

Our expert team is highly skilled in the use of Google Analytics to track and improve the performance of your website. This lets us deliver actionable insights to boost your digital marketing success. Our consulting service interprets your data, including aggregating data if you have multiple sites, and developing customisable reports. We can set up a new or existing Google Analytics account and provide a health check for your existing Google Analytics account.

Performance Management

Marketa helps you measure the effectiveness of your paid campaigns as well as SEO projects. Our experience combined with our leading software systems let us determine the growth in your traffic compared to the campaign elements, the engagement of prospects, and how long they visited your website. We then use this data to report on the ROI of your marketing spend as conversions – as sales, inquiries, or other defined goals.

Campaign and Conversion Rate Optimisation

Want to maximise the ROI of your marketing budget? Marketa excels in optimising conversions. As part of our funnel analysis, we identify the best fit between the optimisation techniques and your available resources. This ensures that conversions are optimised within your existing execution and budget. We are completely transparent; you can have peace of mind knowing you will have all the data you need to maximise every marketing dollar.

Ready to revolutionize your digital marketing?

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