Te Henga Wines

Te Henga Wines

Te Henga wines are as captivating as the wild West Coast beach they are named after. Their master winemakers capture the raw, wild energy of nature and transform it into delicious, sustainably handcrafted wines for you to enjoy. Marketa developed the Te Henga brand, brand story, creative, design, packaging, imagery and digital marketing assets to help bring this uniquely New Zealand brand to life.

Check out the Te Henga logo we designed – We had it sculpted into the sand at Te Henga (Bethell’s Beach), New Zealand to create digital content worth sharing.

what we do

We're helping Te Henga wines share their passion, story and wine with the world

  • Brand Development
  • Creative & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Packaging
  • Marketing Materials

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