A simple strategy to get 70% more sales

Discover the power of Retargeting

A simple strategy to get you 70% more sales

Discover the power of Retargeting

Retargeting is a technique which marketers use to track the activity of website visitors. They are then segmented into groups and this information is used to craft specific online advertising which is relevant to each group. It’s like giving every visitor their own personal shopper, helping them to see products which might interest them, whist giving a business the chance to create more useful advertising.

How it works

Much like in the story of Hansel and Gretel, embedded cookies on a website can be used to track a visitor’s movements towards a house made of sweets. Only this time, the activity is recorded, and this information can then be analysed to understand buyer behaviour.

Most people don’t buy on their first visit, so advertising can then be targeted at these people, and those who did buy something can then be shown other products that they might be interested in also buying – just as any decent personal shopper would do.


Understanding how people buy on a specific website or in a specific field is the key to e-commerce success. And re-targeting is the key to understanding this behaviour. So how can re-targeting be used to boost a website’s popularity and sales?

  • If you see that visitors are buying more having followed a link to a coupon, you can make similar offers to attract new customers.
  • Most potential customers will visit a number of sites before making a purchase, you can remind them of yours by pushing your ad to other sites – and social media – to remind them of you.
  • You can tailor-make offers to previous visitors – for example, if someone abandoned their shopping cart, or visited your site on a number of occasions, you can target them with a special deal to bring them back and buy from you.

How to do it

A good retargeting platform will let you set segments, looking at demographics, behaviour etc. so that you can really tailor-make your advertising to increase traffic, leads and conversions.

Some things that you should consider include:

  • Don’t overkill – if someone sees your ad too often, they will stop taking notice of it or potentially hide it
  • Make it relevant – For example, someone puts skate shoes in their cart, don’t show them tennis balls, show them skate boards.

Retargeting is a useful tool for businesses to bring back previous visitors, and help to engage with potential customers by showing an understanding of what they are after. By having the right visitors to your site, you can spend your marketing budget more wisely and get more bang for your buck.

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