Just launched your new website and wondering what's next?

Here's some things to consider

Just launched your new website and wondering what's next?

Here's some things to consider

You’ve created a shiny new website, talking about you, showing your products and even giving people the option to buy stuff on it. But now what?

Unfortunately in today’s world, it’s not that simple. Your website is the key to open many doors in the online world and it can be used for a number of functions including:

  • Making people aware of who you are and what you do
  • Getting new business
  • Keeping in touch with people
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Allowing two-way conversation between you and your customers
  • Strengthening your brand

So what should you be doing now?

Well, that really depends on what your priorities are. There are a few things, however that you should be thinking about now that your website is off the ground;

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

There’s no point in having a website if no-one’s going to find it. Obviously you are going to have people who go directly to your website, but you will (hopefully) be getting people coming to your site via search engines. These are people who you most likely don’t know and are looking on the internet for a product or service like the one that you are offering. In order for your site to appear at the top of Google’s search list, you need to make sure that your site meets specific criteria from Google. You should think about the content of the site and consider writing blog posts, talking about different aspects of your business, keeping it useful and informative as this will help with your ranking.


Another good way of getting visitors to your site is through social media. If you already have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can add links to your website from here. You might be surprised at just how effective social media is.

Email Lists

If you’re going to do any marketing, it’s much more effective to market to people who have already shown an interest in you. Add a section to your website where people can join up for a newsletter or give away something for free (an e-book, product taster or a free consultation for example).

People will give you their details in exchange for something and you now have a nice list of people to market to.

Landing pages are a great way to get customers directly to your product, service or offering to create a lead.

Once you have managed to get a way of driving traffic (people) to your website and you have a way of getting their details (eg. Email address), you’re well on your way. Don’t rest on your laurels though, as Google likes websites to be continually updated. Ooh and don’t forget to add your contact details. So you’ve made the first step. Now go and take the world by storm!

Get in touch with Marketa. A digital marketing agency that can help you.

You can navigate the digital world yourself and put your toes in the water with loads of smart and cost effective tools. Everything from website and social analytics, digital campaigns, email marketing and simple landing pages. If you’re already trialling some of these things that’s a great start. But to give your business a real boost, talk to a specialist agency that can develop a strategy that will connect all the dots between you and your next sale.

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