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With an average of up to 70,000 search queries/second, 5.8 billion searches/day and 2 trillion searches/year, it’s of little surprise that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is conveniently the most targeted form of digital advertisement. If you wish to make your brand and business visible to millions of prospects in the over-saturated online market, then SEM simply cannot be overlooked. This is a process of increasing traffic to your website through paid ads on search engines like Google and Bing. Terms like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, paid search ads and cost per click advertising are also termed SEM ads.

We help you get to the top of Google Searches.

Search Engine Optimisation

Being experts at Google SEO, we can help you realize all benefits related to optimizing your website for Google search. These benefits include a higher ROI, better UX (quality content and improved user experience), more visits, better visibility and sales, targeting (identification of target keywords and groups of individuals who are truly interested in your offering leading to better rankings and more conversions) and affordable SEO pricing.

Google Adwords(PPC)

A successful PPC campaign features active tweaking, monitoring as well as a powerful copy. These are all factors that Marketa takes into account when learning about your unique needs and designing a customized SEM campaign for your business from top to bottom – research, execution, testing and tracking.

Google Shopping

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