Marketing Automation features to get your business humming

Platform Features

Automated Email Marketing

Trigger personalized emails based on leads’ actions and interests.

Dynamic Lists/ Segmentation

Automatically update lists as contacts meet certain criteria.

Campaign Tracking

View end-to-end conversion cost vs. revenue to measure true ROI.

Behaviour Tracking

Automatically track every lead interaction, from first site visit to final sale.

Buyer Personas

Build personas to segment your leads and deliver ultra-personalized content.

Lead Scoring

Identify hot prospects and reach out to sales-ready leads.

Contact Manager / CRM

Easily manage leads, contacts and customers with robust records, including a complete timeline of engagement.

Sales Notifications

Text or email the sales team when leads are ready to buy.

Custom Reports & Cloud Dashboards

Drag, drop, and display the metrics that matter most so results are always top of mind.

Opportunities & Pipeline Management

Create custom deal stages and track the progress of every opportunity in your pipeline.

Cross-Platform Ad Retargeting

Drive demand with retargeting and lookalike audiences

Visual Workflow Builder

Visualize the buyer’s journey, and build automations to move leads down the funnel.

Sales Optimiser

Control the quality and cadence of all sales communication with powerful sales automation features.

Dynamic Emails and Landing Pages

Convert more leads with content that automatically caters messaging and imagery to every visitor.

Smart Forms

Capture more leads and progressively profile prospects with code-free forms.

Integrated Meeting Scheduler

Eliminate “What time works best for you?” conversations with integrated scheduling.

Video Calls with Screen Sharing

Simplify remote sales and collaboration with one- click in-app video calling.

Chatbots with Live Chat

Engage, nurture, and drive 24/7 conversions from your website with context- aware chatbots.

Sales Dialer

Simplify outreach with integrated dialing, call recording, and auto-transcription.

Social Media Integration

Leverage integrated social posting and listening to engage your audience, track your competition, and trigger automation.

Mail Sync

See every 1:1 email sent to leads from individual synced mailboxes right in your CRM.


Attract search engines with valuable content. Manage, publish and distribute posts with ease.

Media Centre

Manage, share, and track engagement for your marketing and sales assets in one place.

Shopping Cart

Automatically record online transactions and attribute those sales for end-to-end ROI on your eCommerce marketing.

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