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Data-driven campaigns that get results

Want to improve your digital marketing campaigns, search engine marketing, social media, email marketing, and other digital platforms to generate more leads and customers?

You are not alone. Being able to navigate the complex digital world and steer it to your advantage spells the difference between most of today’s successful businesses and the declining ones. The key is to make strategic marketing decisions.

Here at Marketa, we evaluate your digital marketing plans using analytics and customer data, then give you expert recommendations to optimise your marketing campaigns. We have helped hundreds of businesses like yours develop marketing plans that deliver more high quality leads and greater conversions and give you a healthy competitive advantage.

Marketa’s 3 step roadmap to success

Data Driven Strategy

Marketa’s digital marketing campaigns are data driven. This means we do a thorough audit of your digital presence to identify your ideal audience and where they spend their time online. We then build a strategy to ensure your content is discovered online by this audience and that they engage with it.

Business Intelligence

We do in-depth research, including surveys, to develop business intelligence that helps you get the most from your digital marketing campaigns. We also help you get great results by refining your social media amplification, search engine marketing, brand awareness, lead generation, and sales conversions.

Results Driven

At Marketa, we’re results-driven. Through our transparent process, we generate valuable business intelligence that is incorporated into your online marketing strategy. This means you optimise every marketing dollar spent. We ensure you have full access to all the data, so you can be confident that what we do works.

Want to accelerate your business growth?

Marketa has helped clients in NZ and internationally harness the power of the latest digital marketing tools and techniques.

If you want to boost your digital marketing results get in touch with the Marketa team today.

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